Polylaminate Capsules for a Great Look

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Wine

Encasing wine and spirits in capsules is very popular today. Not only do the capsules protect the product during shipping, but it also gives your product a luxurious look, as well. As you’re evaluating capsules for your products, be sure to take a look at polylaminate capsules. These offer a cost effective packaging option that is completely customizable, and that looks great.

Polylaminate capsules are made of a three layers aluminum polyethylene aluminum seamed skirt and an aluminum top disc. These can be hot stamped with your logo and artwork, so they are completely custom, and completely in line with the rest of your marketing strategy.

The right capsule vendor will offer you lots of options in designing polylaminate capsules to suit your company image and your preferred capsule design. Their designers will be well versed in creating custom solutions for their customers so that you can be assured that your capsules are completely unique.

Talk with your capsule vendor about how to get started designing polylaminate capsules, or capsules made from another material. They will be happy to work with you to ensure your capsules meet all your needs in terms of protection and appearance, as well as offering fair pricing and reasonable turnaround. You can be sure they have plenty of experience in designing perfect products for other wine and spirit companies.

Choosing product capsules offers a great way to give your wines and spirits a distinctive look while ensuring the bottles are well protected. Capsules provide a great way to set your product apart in both function and design.

Talk with a vendor about adding polylaminate capsules to your product packaging. Their expertise ensures you get a great capsule at a great price and helps you ensure a one of a kind look that your customers are sure to appreciate.

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