Some Suggested Preparations to Make Before Your Home Movers in Knoxville Arrive on Moving Day

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Moving, Moving and Storage

Regardless of the number of months or weeks that have gone into planning a move, moving day can still be stressful. Fragile items can break, boxes can get misplaced, and many things can go wrong. People are often tense and on edge as they have many details that require coordination. By using professional and trustworthy home movers, Knoxville residents can enjoy a moving day that goes smoothly and even somewhat effortlessly due to the hard work of moving professionals. However, some preparation before the moving professionals come may be in order.

Have a Plan
Before moving into a new home, take a walk-through and get an idea as to which items and boxes will go into each room. This will help in the packing process as well so that boxes and items can be marked accordingly, thereby expediting the process by which the home movers place possessions in the new home.

All clothes and loose items should be packed before the professional home movers arrive to start the move. This is not only courteous but reduces any disorganization at the last minute that may result in broken or lost items.

If you’re not using home movers to pack boxes, then make sure that each box is marked about its contents and in which room it belongs. For purposes of inventory, number the boxes and then check them off in the new home to make sure that all boxes have been transported during the move. Hanging clothes can be fitted in a large trash bag with the hangers poking out of the top.

Open Me First Box
A separate box and bag should be set aside near the door of the moving truck or in the car with all the items that will be needed immediately once moved into the new home. This might include toiletry items, pajamas, cooking and eating utensils, and some additional clothes during the initial unpacking process. Also, don’t forget to include a box cutter for opening all the boxes as well as trash bags for clean up during the unpacking process.

Final Suggestions
If you’re moving with young children and pets, it is recommended to hire a sitter for moving day to prevent them from potentially getting hurt during the day – but this is at your discretion of course. Pack a small shoebox with some toys for children who like packing so they can feel they are playing a role in moving their possessions into the new home.

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