Something Different In Exterior Doors

One of the most important aspects of welcoming people to your home is having a wonderful entrance design. This is true if they are coming in the back or the front of the home, so taking the time to consider different options in exterior doors is important.

If you are like many people and have limited your shopping options for exterior doors to those available at your local building supply outlet, you are only sampling a very small selection of the design options and styles of doors out there.

A better option is to spend some time looking for exterior doors at actual door-manufacturer websites. This is a terrific way to see some very unique door options for front, back or side entrances as well as to choose patio doors and even garage doors that will all coordinate and look wonderful on your home.

Customized Doors

Some of the top manufacturers of exterior doors in Los Angeles, CA offer customers a wide range of options to personalize or add their own custom touch to an in-stock door design. This can include choosing a specific type of wood, opting for a personalized stain color that is professionally applied to the door, or even choosing the glass in the lites and sidelites of the door.

Sidelites and Transoms

Typically seen on front doors, any exterior doors to a home could feature sidelites or transoms or a combination of the two, depending on the style of the door and the overall design of the home.
Sidelites are additional panel types of glass and wood that add to the exterior frame of the door. They can be found on one or both sides of the door, and they add an ornamental look as well as a vast amount of light in the entrance way.

Transoms are similar, but they are found over the door. These are a great option for front exterior doors to add height to the door and create a very unique and open-looking type of entrance.

Fully Custom Doors

When you have a particular door in mind but can’t find an in-stock model, a few companies provide the option to fully customize a door. They will work with your sketch, picture or design ideas and create exclusive exterior doors for your home.

Not only are these exterior doors one of a kind, but they are also a real central focus for the home. Adding custom or customized doors, or just choosing a design that speaks to your personal taste, is an excellent option on any home.

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