STA Provides The Top Criminal Lawyers In Dubai

Throughout the Middle East, including in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman, STA provides the top criminal lawyers to those charged with any type of crime. Our lawyers are able to work with both Dubai nationals as well as foreigner business owners, employees or visitors to the UAE.

Understanding the laws as well as the legal process in the UAE can be very confusing for those not familiar with the system. This can become more confusing if the individual is not well-versed in the specifics of the legal system. For example, a non-Muslim in the UAE can consume alcohol, but only if they have permission to do so from the Criminal Investigation Department in Dubai. Fines, criminal prosecution, and even deportation can all occur if these laws are violated.

Serious crimes such as drug possession or sales, bodily injury or being charged with rape, attempted murder, murder or even assault can result in the potential of a significant jail sentence or, in many cases, the death penalty. With representation from our top criminal lawyers, expats and visitors to the UAE can be represented throughout the court process with the highest quality legal services possible.

When to Contact Lawyers

The legal process in the UAE is different than in most Western countries. While a lawyer cannot represent a person charged with a crime during interrogation, he or she can be present. We recommend anyone charged with a crime contact our firm as soon as possible.

Our top criminal lawyers in Dubai will be able to provide information on the process, explain the options at each step in the investigation and charging phases of the case, and also work on an effective defence strategy. Early involvement of our lawyers allows our team to gather information and, in some cases, work to have the charges reduced or dismissed before having to go through the court process.

For immediate assistance with your case, visit our website.

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