Adding a Convenience Outlet

A convenience outlet is an AC power outlet that can be easily added to a baseboard, circuit board, outlet strip, or mounted on a wall. The panel can be a quick snap-in, or it can be mounted somewhere.

Outlet jacks can be grounded to prevent accidental electrocution.

A convenience outlet is different than a standard receptacle outlet (what most people refer to as ‘outlet’). An outlet is a place to plug in a cord to connect a device to electricity. A convenience outlet is a receptacle outlet installed in the base of a lamp, or side of a cabinet to allow consumers to connect devices to electricity.

Convenience outlets look like common wall outlets which connect devices to electricity. They are just located in places other than walls for the convenience of the user. They require a lot of preplanning and detailed attention to determine the placement of the outlet.

Many people will install convenience outlets on a lamp base, by the medicine cabinet, near plants, or anywhere a single outlet could be used.

It may seem intimidating to install a convenience outlet, but it is not overly complicated. The most important step is to make sure you take proper safety precautions to keep from getting electrocuted.

Adding an outlet can make your home or office easier to work in. Convenience outlets help to eliminate the need to run long cords from one area to another. Not only are long cords a fire hazard but people can trip over them, pets can chew on them, and water can possibly spill on them each causing electrical shorts which can catch fire.

Proper installation of outlets is important, and a properly installed outlet can take a lot of use.

Convenience outlets can also blend into the decor to allow for little to no detection unless someone is looking for it.

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