Stained and Smelly Rugs? Carpet Cleaning Services in Bellingham, WA Can Clean and Deodorize Them

Carpet plays an important role in interior design. When a carpet becomes dingy and stained, a room never looks quite right. A dirty carpet can also retain a variety of odors including pet urine, cigarette smoke, and perfume so that the room never smells fresh and clean. People might rent a carpet cleaner from their local hardware store in hopes of removing all of the stains and odors. They may be disappointed in the results because these units often don’t have the power to do the job, and most homeowners don’t have the knowledge to use the right chemicals. Carpet Cleaning Services in Bellingham WA, use powerful van-mounted, hot water extraction for maximum cleaning.

The technicians perform an inspection to determine the best way to clean the carpet. They then give the customer an estimate of the costs to clean the carpet. When they arrive to do the cleaning, they move any furniture. They will then treat any stains with the appropriate solvent to dissolve them. All of the chemicals used to treat the carpet comply with federal regulations. A wand and extractor then use very hot water to pull the stains and any dirt out of the carpet. This process minimizes the amount of chemicals and solvents needed to clean the carpet. It also minimizes the amount of water used so that the carpet dries much faster.

Carpets that have persistent odors can be deodorized. The customer can also decide to have the carpet treated to resist new stains. Most carpets are dry within six to ten hours. This varies with the type of carpet found in the home. Customers don’t have to wait for the carpet to dry completely to use the room again. They can walk on the carpet in clean shoes or use the shoe covers provided by the Carpet Cleaning Services in Bellingham WA.

If the home suffers a plumbing leak or storm-related damage, the carpet cleaning company provides 24 Hour Emergency Service. They can be at the home quickly to extract excess water, dry out the carpet and upholstery and then clean and sanitize it. This fast response minimizes the chance of any mold infestation.

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