Customized Industrial Curtain Walls System Solutions

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Industrial curtain walls are versatile, sturdy, and lightweight. They are made from PVC and are used in several commercial and industrial settings. Basically, they provide separation with easy access to and from sections, units, or cubicles. Curtain walls can also be used to restrict access, or block off unused parts of an open floor plan, for safety and security reasons. Frosted or tinted glass can be included to ensure privacy. Heating and cooling a large space is easier and more cost-effective with curtain walls than with separate offices. Space looks bigger and brighter as well. The airy and open spaces created encourages collaboration, has a calming effect on staff, and puts visitors at ease.

Industrial Curtain Walls System Solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of any business. Whether it is a lobby, a reception area, or an entire floor that needs separating, there are several options available. One large curtain wall, for example, can separate a conference room from open rows of desks. Individual cubicles can be created, or clusters of four units together can be installed. Owners can get design and implementation help from experienced staff, or certified installers can work with a business architectural firm to turn ideas and plans into stunning physical results. New construction projects, or renovations to current space, can be completed efficiently and at competitive pricing.

Installation is an important aspect of all Industrial Curtain Walls System Solutions. Walls must be secured properly for safety. Weak walls, or those under too much pressure, can crack or break suddenly. That is dangerous for employees, clients, visitors, and can increase the business liability. The National Glass Association (NGA) offers certification in safe installation procedures and techniques. Make sure the company chosen to install curtain walls uses experienced, and NGA certified technicians. Visit for details on certification and to set up a consultation for the design and installation of industrial curtain walls. Designers can discuss the needs and desires of the business and come up with creative plans that will impress customers and clients. A unique layout can help the business rise above the competition and present a strong, professional atmosphere.

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