Standard or LED Garden Lighting?

A beautiful landscape offers many benefits. You can add instant curb appeal and a great deal of beauty with light. However, if you want to enhance your outdoors at night, the right garden lights can make a big difference. When you install your lights, should you choose standard or LED garden lighting? You’ll discover many benefits when you go with LED and here is why.


Standard incandescent light bulbs use 110-120 volts of electricity. You need the entire light circuit protected by ground fault circuit interrupter equipment. However, typical LED lights run on 12 volts of power. This lower power is safer than using household current, and the chances of electrical shock are lower.


Did you know many LED garden lighting bulbs last for ten years or more? A typical incandescent light is good for about one thousand hours. If burned 12 hours a day, you would replace each bulb after about 90 days or four times per year. When you want low maintenance light, choose LED.

Energy Efficiency

Why is LED so efficient? Besides long life, you get 60 watts of lighting for only 10 watts of power. This is six times greater efficiency than standard incandescent lights. If you have many outdoor lights, LED saves you a lot of money over time.

Bright and Vivid Colors

Do you want colorful lighting for your outdoors? Incandescent light has limited color choices, but LED offers bright colors in many selections. It’s the most cost-effective way to add color to your lighting scheme.


Nothing is perfect and LED costs more to buy. However, when you figure in all the advantages that LED garden lighting gives you, you’ll see why many homeowners are changing over to LED.

For best results, choose a trusted online lighting source for your needs. You’ll enjoy many selections at affordable prices and convenient online shopping.

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