Starting a Fleet Business? Here are Trucking Industry Statistics You Should Know

If you have plans to start a business and join the trucking industry, knowing the basics can help you get a good idea of what you will have to work with in the future. The more you know of about the industry, the more nuances and insights you have into commercial truck sales in Miami and the better your business decisions will be.

Size of the industry

As much as 8.9 people work at trucking-related positions, employed by companies along with the private sector and warehouses in the country. Out of figure, 3.5 million people make their living as truck drivers, with about 60,000 workers and 9 percent of owner operators under the UPS alone. LTL shippers, on the other hand, make up the rest of the 13.4 percent of the country’s trucking industry.

Trucks in the US

The Trucking Info says there are about 15.5 million trucks in operational condition in the country. Tractor trailers make up 2 million out of that figure. In a related note, there are also about 3.5 million employees who work as truck drivers in the United States and about 1.2 million trucking companies out of all the states.

Transport goods

About 70 percent of the U.S. economy relies on trucks for the delivery and transport of goods on a yearly basis. Trucks account for as much as $671 billions of worth of dollars in terms of transported retail and manufactured goods. That’s not accounting for the truck trade the country has with its neighbors yet, with as much as $295 billion from its truck trade with Canada and another $195 billion with its truck trade with Mexico. That’s a whole lot of revenue.

Revenue numbers

To get a clear idea of the numbers, total revenue from the trucking industry is estimated at 255.5 billion. Trucking companies that put up their trucks for hire or carrier services earn as much as 97.9 billion a year while private fleets have earnings of about 121 billion dollars annually.

Federal highway tax

The industry spent as much as 37.4 billion on federal as well as state highway-user taxes. Out of all registered vehicles accounted, commercial trucks accounted for 12.5 percent. But the sector paid 36.5 percent in highway-user taxes.


Knowing these things and more could help you make the best decisions when you check out commercial truck sales in Miami. If you need more help, simply get in touch with us at RC Truck Sales.