Why All Is Not Lost If You Stain Your Granite Countertop

You chose your granite kitchen countertops in St Michael because you wanted natural stone and individual design. You could have chosen quartz or any other countertop options, but wanted the best for your kitchen. What happens if the granite stone becomes stained?

Sealed the Granite

Because granite is porous and allows liquids to pass through, the fabricator and installer of your granite kitchen countertops in St Michael will have insisted your kitchen working area is not complete until it is perfectly sealed.

By sealing the surface of your granite kitchen countertops in St Michael, you will easily be able to wipe away most liquids that accidentally land on the surface. You will know if the surface has been sealed correctly by dropping a little water onto the surface. When it beads on top, you know it has been sealed properly, but if it gradually seeps into the stone and presents a darker patch, it has not been sealed effectively.

It is important that you do not seal directly over a stain. Otherwise, you are keeping the stain there for the rest of your countertop’s life.

Organic or An Oil-Based Stain?

Almost all organic stains can effectively be wiped away from your granite countertop, directly after the spill. This will reduce the opportunity for the stain to cause further complications. Therefore, you can wipe away orange juice, wine, and coffee from your granite countertop.

Should it be oil based, it is not so easy to wipe it away because the water you use will clash with the oil. You can produce or purchase a poultice mix which will help remove oil-based stains. It is always better to test your granite on a small, out of the way area, to check that it works effectively and without spreading the damage.

The poultice will contain baking soda and peroxide, mixed into a paste. After leaving the poultice in the area for 24 hours and to check that it is dry, it is now time to remove the poultice and wipe the area clean with water and a dry towel.

You can always ask your expert granite fabricators and installers how they would remove a stain from the countertop.

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