Stay Ahead of Bathroom Mess with a Daily Shower Cleaner

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Kitchen cleaning

Keeping a clean house is no easy task, especially when you have a family and a job. Little hacks that can help you along the way are invaluable as you work to keep your home clean without spending all of your time doing it. A simple daily shower cleaner is one of the best tools you can use for this.

To keep your bathroom clean in about five minutes a day, you need three things. The first is the daily shower cleaner. This simple product is used each day after your shower, while the area is still wet. Simply spray the shower with the cleaner and perform a quick wipe down. The quick daily cleaning prevents the buildup of grime and mildew, so the shower never really gets dirty.

The second item that will help keep your bathroom cleaner is an automatic toilet bowl cleaner that remains in the tank. With each flush, it releases cleaner into the toilet. This will help you stay ahead of the task of keeping the toilet clean. Once a week, simply brush the bowl with regular toilet cleaner for a thorough clean. At the same time, you perform this task, use a disinfecting floor cleaner to mop the floor.

Finally, use a daily sanitizing cleaner with paper towels, or disinfecting wipes to wipe down your sink and counter each day. With a quick wipe using something disposable, you can keep the sink and counter from dirt and grime buildup. Use this same method to wipe disinfect the toilet seat and areas the bowl cleaner doesn’t touch.

With these simple tips, your bathroom will never really get dirty, so heavy cleaning is rarely required. You’ll love having a clean bathroom all the time, without having to spend a lot of time cleaning.

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