Stay in Comfort Right Near Fresno Yosemite International Airport

If you’ll be flying into or out of Fresno Yosemite International Airport and will be needing overnight accommodations near the airport, there are plenty of airport hotels in Fresno in close proximity to the airport. Travelers no doubt look for comfortable, clean, and safe lodging with pleasing amenities that can make their stay a most pleasant one.

Airport hotels in Fresno are not all major chain outfits. By doing a quick internet search for hotels in the airport area, travelers can find independent hotels that offer more economical room rates, just as many amenities (and sometimes more) than the chain hotels, all in a very close range of the airport. No need to fight morning traffic and tie-ups if an early morning flight is scheduled, a real problem with some hotels outside the airport at any length of distance away.

Travelers looking for fine accommodations at a “smaller” hotel would do very well looking to see if that hotel offers:

Complimentary transportation from and to Fresno Yosemite International Airport

. This short five-minute ride provided by the hotel can prove to be a terrific option for some travelers without altern Piccadilly Inn Airportative transportation already lined up.

Dining at the hotel

. Some hotels have their own restaurant; some have more than one, providing a nice variety. Dine-in in comfort, or elect to get room service from the hotel’s complete menu for breakfast and dinner.

Enjoy the beautiful pool, spa, and fitness center

. Get some sun and take a nice swim in the outdoor pool. Relax and soak in the heated spa. Or get your daily exercise in the spacious fitness center. Make your relaxation time complete and do them all!

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