Staying Safe While You’re Strapped: 4 Tips for First-Time Gun Owners

Are you ready to exercise your right to bear arms? Before you pick up a piece, here are just a few things to consider about shopping for a gun.

  • Get to Know Your Gun

This might sound obvious, but you shouldn’t expect a pistol and a shotgun to feel the same way in your hand. Every firearm comes with its own design, purpose and value. They all have pros and cons. You’ll need to do your research to figure out which gun is right for you.

  • Get a Grip

Do you know the basic rules of gun safety? Can you identify its parts? Can you strip it and clean it? Teach yourself the fundamentals before you start reading about the particulars of, say, a Glock 19 slide.

  • Consider Ownership Costs

This is particularly important if you’re looking into specialty firearms. They might require ammunition or accessories that aren’t widely available, and while there’s nothing wrong with spending extra on a gun that you really want, you’ll want to know about the additional costs upfront.

  • Get Comfortable

Last but certainly not least, don’t stick your gun in a safe and forget about it. You’ll want to use it regularly to keep your skills sharp. Get out there and go hunting or shooting at the range!

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re a first-time gun owner. For additional information, contact us at True Precision, Inc. We’re one of the best sources for things like M&P barrels and Glock 19 slides!