Steel Fire Pits Add Backyard Ambience

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your backyard, consider adding a steel fire pit. This is an easy an inexpensive way to provide a unique sitting area that you’ll use over and over.

Creating a fire pit area is easy. Simply find the spot in your yard that works best and mark off an area large enough for the fire pit plus seating to encircle the fire. Fill this area with gravel or sand and edge it in some way to help keep out weeds. Set your steel fire pit in the center and surround it with chairs for seating.

It’s important to remember that the fires you make in steel fire pits get extremely hot. It’s important to use chairs that can withstand the heat and to keep the chairs far enough away from the fire that it can be enjoyed in comfort. Adding the gravel or sand around the pit helps prevent a fire getting out of control.

Once you have your steel fire pit in place, you can plan your first evening by the fire. You’ll need some kindling to get the fire started, plus wood to burn for the evening. If you’re planning to cook at the fire, take a look at the special skewers designed for roasting hot dogs or making s’mores. These utensils really make it easier to enjoy cooking over your fire. There are also pots designed for baking beans or cooking other items over steel fire pits.

Steel fire pits are on sale from many retailers that sell barbecue grills and outdoor furniture. Choose a design that fits your space and works with your personal style. Once you’ve added a steel fire pit to your backyard, you’ll find that you’re out there nearly every evening!

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