Falk Gearbox: Reliable, Durable And Easy To Maintain

by | Jun 14, 2017 | industrial supplies

A gearbox is a machine. It distributes power from a running engine in order to cause the axle to move. Falk, a company manufacturing gearboxes, gear drives, couplings and related products was founded in 1892 as the Falk Manufacturing Company. It has established itself, from its very beginnings, as a reliable and dependable producer of high-quality items. Even after its acquisition in May 2005 by Rexnord LLC., it has maintained its reputation locally in Texas and globally as a reputable producer of such original Falk products as the Falk gearbox.

Characteristics of Falk Gearboxes

If you look at Falk gearboxes, you can rest assured of their ability to perform well in the most trying applications. They offer the following qualities:

Easy maintenance
High performance for several years
Maximum uptime
Durable performance

These characteristics are valid for many of the Falk family of gearboxes. The latest models, including the Falk V-Class, deliver all of the above and more. Using the advanced materials, engineers have created a design that is tough and reliable. Its innovative mounting and cooling accessories result in a gearbox that outclasses the competition. Overall, this model of Falk gearbox delivers everything a customer wants.

Industrial Applications

Falk gearboxes find applications in some of the country’s most challenging industrial sectors. In Texas, they act as an integrated and even essential component of many pieces of equipment in the following industries:


For these industrial concerns, Falk gearboxes offer them the type of performance they require day after day.

Falk Gearbox

If you are looking for a gearbox capable of operating with the utmost reliability in difficult and stressful environments, consider those produced by Falk. A Falk gearbox, like all of the company’s products, is of high quality and operates with reliability and durability. Its low maintenance is another common trademark feature of the Falk brand.

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