Steps In Air Conditioning Installation

No matter how carefully an air conditioner is maintained, eventually it will reach the point of diminishing returns to continue to make repairs. At that point, or if the system fails, replacing an old air conditioner with a new unit will be the best possible option.

Knowing what to expect for a replacement air conditioning installation is an important part of planning for the upgrade. When hiring a professional HVAC service the company will manage the process, but it is helpful for a homeowner to know what will happen.

Removing the Old Air Conditioner

In most homes, the replacement of an old AC with a new air conditioning installation requires limited work on anything but the removal of the old unit. There will be minimal need to change other aspects of the system, which in most homes will make this a very simple procedure.

Unless otherwise requested, the HVAC company will remove the old unit and make sure all material taken off or removed from the system is also disposed of without the need for the homeowner to make disposal arrangements.


Depending on the new system and the age of the current ducts and electrical components, the air conditioning installation may be a basic replacement of one unit for another, or it may involve more work. In some cases, the piping and electrical components, as well as the connection to the ducts, may need to be modified or replaced.

After the installation is complete, the system will be fully tested. This includes checking the refrigerant and all of the different components of the new unit. All adjustments will also be made for efficiency.

Finally, the new thermostat, if part of the upgrade, will be installed. The technicians will then check to make sure it is operating correctly and that the owner understands the controls and how to change the temperature, turn the system on and off and other specifics. Top companies will also walk you through changing filters, how to turn the system off if necessary and also provide you with information on maintenance services recommended for the unit.

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