Why Air Filter Maintenance Is Important

Your air filter in your HVAC system plays an important role in keeping the quality of air in your home clean. You should be inspecting and changing your air filters regularly to keep your home healthy and your HVAC unit running properly. Air filters in Naperville are available to you by contacting your HVAC company. Below are some reasons why air filter maintenance is so important.

Air Comfort Decreases

If you have a dirty air filter, this will result in poor air circulation in your home. Your living rooms will not get enough air that is needed to cool or heat the room quickly and efficiently. The filter can cause additional strain on the unit and its parts and result in serious fixes in the future.

Increase in Mold and Bacterial Growth

An unkempt air filter will encourage mold growth and bacterial growth under the right circumstances. The dirt and debris that has accumulated onto the filter can provide a surface that encourages spores to take hold and for these pollutants to grow. Once growing has begun, the mold and dangerous bacteria can be circulated back into the home and into the air you breath every day.

Freezing of Your HVAC System

Dirty filters cause a hindrance of hot and cold air out of your HVAC system. This causes an increased risk of the equipment overheating or freezing up. The additional stress on the parts can affect the fan motor as well. Once your system freezes up, it may be hard to get it running back to normal again. You will be paying a lot of additional money due to one small part not being maintained.

Make sure to replace your filter at least every three months. If you have increased debris or pets, you should change at least every month.
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