Stop Chronic Headache Pain With a Chiropractor in Florissant MO

Though an occasional headache is common, chronic headaches are often a sign there is a problem in the body. Since pain is a warning sign exhibited by the body, it is important the cause of the pain is found. Simply stopping the pain signals does nothing for long-term relief and can actually make the headaches worse. This is why many people are seeking headache relief from a Chiropractor Florissant MO. Chiropractors can help patients to find the cause of their headaches and relieve their pain without risky reliance on strong pain medications.

When a patient comes in complaining of chronic headaches, there are many possible causes. The doctor will want to first take a health history and learn about the medications being taken. The person’s diet and lifestyle are also addressed as these can have contributing factors.

Headaches can be caused by allergies, chemical exposure, poor diet, poor posture and sitting for long periods. Through an examination and X-rays, the chiropractor will be able to determine the cause of the patient’s chronic headaches so a treatment plan can be decided on.

One of the leading causes of chronic headaches is stress. Today’s busy lifestyles leave little time for relaxation and rest. Tension building at the base of the neck can cause the muscles to tighten which then leads to subluxations in the cervical spine.

A subluxation occurs when the vertebrae come out of their natural pattern of alignment and begin to press on the nerves and soft tissues in the neck. This nerve compression can cause what are called band or tension headaches to form.

These subluxations can be taken care of through spinal manipulations. This gently moves the bones back into position, so the nerves are no longer being compressed. This treatment also uses heat and massage to relax the tense muscles, so they are not pulling on the bones.

If you are dealing with ongoing headaches that are becoming more than you can handle, contact the Back And Neck Care Center. The Chiropractor Florissant MO will schedule you a consultation appointment so you can be fully examined to find out if chiropractic care will benefit you.

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