The Difference Between Hammer Mills and Roller Mills in Oregon

There are two machines that play a significant role in the feed milling industry: the roller mill and the hammer mill. While considering which mill to use, it is pertinent to fully understand the most suitable process for any situation. For instance, an excessive reduction in the size of poultry feed could cause birds to have digestive problems. While taking into cognizance the fact that continually reducing the size of the feed will increase the amount of surface area that is exposed to enzymes that aid digestion. This will ensure that there is a clear access path to the starch and protein, which are the key nutritional components. In cases like this, farmers will have to consider if roller mills or hammer mills are better for the feeding process.

Recently, there has been a shift from the use of Roller Mills in Oregon to the use of hammer mills as the most relevant grinding machines. This is because hammer mills employ a technique called ‘impact grinding’ while roller mills make more use of shearing and compression. In a hammer mill, the feed goes into the grinding chamber, then hammers attached to the shift moving in a circular motion at high speeds make contact with the feed, thereby breaking them into smaller particles. Roller Mills in Oregon make use of cylindrical rolls that press to create the process of compression as the product moves through each roll. This process is very effective because it exposes the grain to its core, which is important in feed production.

Roller Mills in Oregon are often preferred because they tend to produce more uniform particles, unlike the hammer mills were grains are hit randomly in the shaft by the hammers. In the hammer mill, this allows uneven particles to scale through. The energy cost of the roller mill is also quite low in comparison to that of the hammer mill making it cheaper to operate the roller mill. Farmers also have the option of choosing whichever mill they want for feed production, but they should take all of the mills attributes into consideration before making a final decision. They should also understand that the most popular choice isn’t always the best choice.
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