Substance Abuse Treatment: Combining Approaches

If you suffer from an addiction or substance abuse, treatment is essential. Various means of addressing the issue are available. The best methods utilize a combination of diverse approaches – one’s research and applications indicate to be successful. While some treatment facilities focus on one specific aspect, many believe the greatest success rate arises from combining different approaches and tailoring them to meet the specific requirements of the individual addict or abuser.

Achieving Effectiveness

Rehab facilities work hard to ensure the success of their program. They want all their “graduates” to lead a drug-free life. To achieve this goal requires the plan they put into place, be oriented to the individual and his or her particular addiction. This requires looking at the specific addiction – e.g., heroin, alcohol, and tailoring the plan accordingly. It also means addressing any co-addiction issues. Someone with alcohol dependency may also have an addiction to opioids. A treatment center cannot neglect this characteristic any more than they can deny other social, economic or emotional contributing factors.

As a result, the approach needs to embrace two separate but related methods:

Pharmacological Therapeutic

Such a plan needs to combine the two in appropriate parts. The professionals in charge of the plan should also be ready to adjust the program and its intermingling components accordingly over time and according to changing circumstances.

Successful Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction is a complex problem. Intensive research over the years indicates that for any substance abuse treatment near Minneapolis to be successful, it must reflect the needs and requirements of the individual. If you are considering entering a treatment facility near Minneapolis, do your research. Make certain the program addresses your specific needs. Only when the center looks at your addiction and/or dependency issues as an expression of your own pattern of usage, combining methods to reflect this, will it be successful in preventing relapsing.

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