Superior Garage Door Service in Fort Myers

A garage door is the biggest entry way into the home. It is the door that you want to ensure protects your family and belongings from the elements and also from burglars. If it’s not operating properly it can be a big problem. Living in Florida, it is especially vital to have a strong garage door because of the threat of hurricanes. Garage doors come with different ratings on how much damage they will be able to sustain from wind. If you live in South Florida, you can guarantee hurricanes are not out of the norm so you need to make sure you purchase the right garage door for your home.

Roy North began his business in 1972. His entire family joined the business along with his closest friend and they have been keeping customers happy for more than 40 years. After Roy retired, his oldest son became the president and his other children and best friend became co-owners. This family knows the importance of taking care of their customers. They want everyone to feel like family and have done a great job doing just that. They strive to be the community’s number one reliable and affordable garage door service in Minneapolis MN.

A number of different garage door line’s are offered so that the customer can make an education decision as to what door they want to go with. The brands carried by AA Garage Door. are Canyonridge, Avante, Coachman, Grand Harbor and Reserve. AA Garage Door also uses Liftmaster and Guardian Access for openers. If you’re not sure where to start, the friendly service reps at North will be more than happy to have a consultation to determine your needs.

If you are looking for deals on garage door service in Minneapolis MN, visit the AA Garage Door website for special promotions and deals. They have incredible bundle specials and other deals that definitely should not be overlooked. Make sure to inquire about any monthly specials they are running if you contact them via phone. Whether you are looking for a standard looking garage door that will withstand hurricane force winds or something a bit more custom, the North family wants to help! You will be pleasantly surprised with the way you are treated throughout the entire process.