How to Perform an Inspection for Garage Door Repair near Newton, MA

A garage door is a part of a home’s exterior appeal. This movable structure also acts as an insulator and home security device. When it’s damaged, an inspection should be done to find the source of the problem. Some Garage Door Repair Newton, MA can be done as a person evaluates the condition of the garage door. Use the following guidelines to perform Garage Door Repair Newton, MA.

The two parts of a garage door are the door itself and the garage door opener. Garage doors operate on spring tension. Handling the spring should be avoided to prevent personal injury. The garage door ascends and descends in metal tracks on rollers. These metal tracks are on either side of the garage door opening. The metal tracks are attached to the walls with mounting brackets. The rollers are attached to the garage doors with hinges. Look at the metal tracks. Repair any dents or dings by pounding them out with a mallet. A block of scrap wood can also be placed over the defective area while it’s struck with a hammer to remove the problem. Click here for more information.

Check to ensure the tracks are in the proper position. The vertical part of tracks are at the front of the garage. They should be parallel to one another. The horizontal portion of the tracks starts at the top of the vertical part and angles towards the back of the garage. When there is a misalignment, loosen the fasteners used to secure the tracks to the wall. Move the track into the proper position and replace the fasteners. A person may need to drill a new hole using the appropriate bit when the fasteners are screws. A spirit level can be used to ensure that the tracks are correctly level or plumb. When using a spirit level, double-check by placing it on a surface two times for accuracy.

Garage doors are more than just the opening to the garage. A garage door can provide protection against unauthorized entry into a home. It can also prevent treated air from leaving a home. For more information on Garage Door Repair Newton, MA, please talk to an expert at Collins Overhead Doors, Inc. This company can handle garage door and garage door opener services. Find us on Facebook!