Teach English Abroad Programs – Should You Sign Up?

Teach English abroad programs are fast becoming an excellent way for experienced and budding teachers to explore the world. English is the most widely spoken language around the globe. In some places, such as South Korea, the need for English teachers is very high. Local teachers can’t teach as well as proper English teachers from an English speaking country can. That’s why there are a lot of companies in the United States that offer teaching jobs in South Korea and other Asian countries.

How Does it Work?

If you are interested in exploring the world and want a teaching job abroad, you could sign up with an international recruiter. Depending upon what grade you teach as well as your level of experience, the company will find a suitable job for you in South Korea or a similar country. There are many “Teach English Abroad Programs” offered by agencies throughout the USA. The reason South Korea is a preferred destination is because it shares many strategic partnerships with the United States, which makes it easy for residents of the United States to travel to and from South Korea.

Moreover, there are many schools in South Korea that are in need of good English teachers. With a rising population, the government of South Korea wants to improve the standard of education in the country from the grassroots level. That is why they pay good money to English teachers who are willing to come from native English countries to teach in their schools.

What Happens When You Get the Job?

The recruitment agencies are extremely accommodating. Once you submit the resume, they will look up relevant jobs that meet the criteria. When found, you will be called in for an interview. Since this is an international job, most interviews will be held over the internet via video conferencing. Your skills will be assessed, and the school will agree a pay scale with you.

In some cases, all of this may also be done by the recruitment agency. You will receive a finalized contract to sign, which will confirm the job on your part. Then, the recruitment agency will get you a ticket, and you will fly off to South Korea for your new job! Obviously, for signing you up on one of their “Teach English Abroad Programs” the recruitment agency will charge a fee for their services. In many cases, this fee is equal to two months of your salary. It can be less or more, depending upon your agreement with the agency itself. You will have to pay the fee up front before you leave for your new job.

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