A Couple of Fundraising Ideas for Teams

Putting together a team such as a sports team can be an expensive but rewarding endeavor. Providing uniforms and equipment for teams can be beyond your monetary means. Some fundraising ideas for teams can create the needed revenue.


Their uniforms easily distinguish teams. They are often in bold, bright colors that catch the eye. That makes uniforms the perfect opportunity for advertisements. Local businesses often love to support local organizations, especially ones for kids. They also love getting their names out there. Everyone wins even if your team doesn’t win.

An organization such as a local restaurant, coffee shop, or law firm invests its money to buy uniforms or hats for a team. In exchange, the team puts the company’s logo on the uniforms. This creates a symbiotic relationship with the team and the business.


A carnival, though a lucrative idea, requires much more planning than something like a sponsorship does. For a carnival or similar event, the team must organize a venue and pay for attractions. Often, venues such as school or library parking lots can serve as the site of the event. Many companies offer carnival attractions for rent at a price.

To recoup the price of the events and the venue space, the team charges patrons admission to their carnival. In other circumstances, the team can offer free admission to the carnival and charge for the different attractions.

Popular attractions are classic carnival games such as a dunk tank, throwing washers into bottles, guessing someone’s weight, and fortune telling. Some of these attractions are fairly low cost and require very little expertise. Members of the team can even run events such as fortune telling or guessing the weight.

How Many In That Jar?

The how many in the jar game is a classic and also very simple. The team fills up a jar or multiple jars with an item like jelly beans, pretzels, or pennies. Participants then pay money to guess how many of the items are in the jar. Often, organizations will charge a small amount for each guest and participants to guess one time for the price.

The person who is closest to the actual number of jelly beans wins. A separate prize can be offered to the winner. To lower the cost of implementing one of these simple fundraising ideas for teams, you can offer the jar of jelly beans as the prize itself.

Karaoke Night

Karaoke night is exactly what it sounds like. A team rents a karaoke machine or goes to a venue that has karaoke. The patrons are charged to enter the event or the organization just opens itself to accepting donations while the team members sing. Some karaoke nights charge the patrons a small fee to request a song for the team members to sing.

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