The Advantages Of Crawl Space Repair In Gig Harbor, WA

Many people have a crawl space for their home, which can add more storage space for those items that you rarely use. However, when these spaces get damp or wet, it becomes a risk for mold growth, mildew, horrible smells, and more. Before these problems get worse or become huge inconveniences, a repair is the best option for your Gig Harbor, WA home.

Problems That Are Common

Dampness in such areas can be detrimental to your health and your home. Mold can grow very quickly if left unchecked, so when the area gets wet and doesn’t dry out properly, it can cause mold growth. In most cases, the crawl space is dark and warm already, so when moisture is added to the mix, crawl space repair in Gig Harbor, WA may be essential to prevent damage. Drywall and wood can get rotted by the moisture, and the mold spores can break apart and get into the air you breathe. If you have respiratory problems, it can cause more symptoms and can also lead to more fungal infections. Those who are young and old may suffer more, especially if they have a compromised immune system.

Plus, dampness can also be welcoming for a variety of pests, such as carpenter ants, mice, and termites. Rodents can bring in disease while termites can eat your home from the inside, causing structural damage.


If you notice dampness or moisture in the area, it is best to get out all the items inside and call a professional for help. Make sure that they handle such repairs and have the right tools, as well. They will likely have to check the area to determine the best method of drying and how to prevent problems in the future.