The Advantages Of Using A UL508a Panel Shop

Many different types of building control and automation systems have specific requirements for all components used in the system. This includes the specific control panel that is required in the application. Within most building automation systems, a UL panel is often the most effective choice, and also the panel that meets all specific industry requirements.

These types of industrial control panels are made in a UL508a panel shop. These shops are certified to provide panels that meet the most current industry standards. This certification is a very specific process, and companies cannot deviate from the standard required, or they lose their certification and cannot produce UL products.

The UL508a Standard

The UL508a is a specific standard that is designed to create a safe panel for use in industrial applications. The standard is specifically for industrial controls and other types of system devices that are rated at 600 volts or less and that are used in the control of electric motors.

When choosing UL508a panel shop to design the panel, the contractor or HVAC service has an additional advantage. The building inspection process is much easier with this type of panel, as the inspector can see the panel is designed to meet the standards, which means less time spent on approval for new equipment installation, replacement of panels, or retrofit types of projects.

The standards used by a UL508a panel shop include all aspects of the panel. The shop is required to use the parts, components, configurations, wiring, labeling, and even the types of enclosures that can be used.

In choosing to use a UL508a panel, the contractor has the added advantage of knowing that the system meets all requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and the National Electrical Code (NEC).