Electricians in Bend, Oregon, Swap Two-Prong Outlets for Grounded Versions

An electrician in Bend, Oregon, can upgrade residential wiring and outlets to better accommodate modern electrical devices. Older homes without wiring upgrades typically have a high percentage of two-hole outlets and few, if any, three-prong versions. Three-pin plugs and the corresponding outlets provide the important safety feature of grounding.

About Grounding

Grounding prevents shocks associated with metal cases. Appliances in metal cases and equipment with power supplies encased in metal have a risk of causing shocks without proper grounding.


Two-prong outlets are appropriate for devices that don’t need to be grounded, such as lamps, chargers, and boom boxes. Although hair dryers are high-wattage small appliances, most don’t need grounding. In contrast, a three-pin plug is intended to be placed in a three-prong outlet.

Although desktop and laptop computers are encased in plastic, the power supply has a metal housing. People might assume toasters should have three-prong plugs, but they are double-insulated and have exposed conductors.

Consumers will find that some coffeemakers have two-pin plugs while others have three. It depends on the material and the design. Percolators with metal exteriors typically have three prongs, except for vintage models.

Considerations About Adapters

Many individuals find an easy way around the problem of old outlets by buying adapters with three holes and two prongs. This is inadvisable because it increases the risk of shocks. An electrician in Bend, Oregon, can complete any recommended wiring upgrades and replace two-hole outlets with three-prong models.

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