The Advantages of Using Nickel Plating on Valuable Equipment

As long as there has been machinery, there have been ways to protect it. Some methods have been successful while others have not. One of the ways to help protect machinery is called nickel plating. This type of solution is far superior to the older method of electrolytic plating. Here are just a few of the benefits you can hope to gain from using a nickel-plating solution.

Resistance to Corrosion
Nickel plating is far more resistant to corrosion than any other protective measure. This is in large part due to the way it is applied to surfaces. The plating naturally has an even coating which enhances the level of resistance.

Since machinery is becoming increasingly specialized, the existence of standardized shapes is increasingly becoming less common. With nickel plating, the surface can be evenly coated no matter what shape it is or from what material it is constructed.

Cost Effective
Nickel plating solution is chemical-based so it does not require any additional energy to function. This can save a good deal of money right at the outset of the application with the end result being protection provided by a superior product

Not only is nickel resistant to corrosion, but it is resistant to water as well. This is a crucial factor for machinery which may be operating either near or directly immersed in water.
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