The Messy Business That Is Liquid Fertilizer and How Best to Apply It

Liquid fertilizer is the fastest way to get nutrients into the soil prior to or just after planting season. However, liquid fertilizer is also the messiest business. Investing in the best liquid fertilizer applicator can make things less messy while still completing a necessary part of your agricultural tasks on your farm. The best liquid fertilizer applicators have the following features.

No Drilling or Modifications on Your Tractor for Attaching the Applicator

Nobody likes buying farm equipment and finding out you can’t use it as expected “straight out of the box.” Having to drill extra holes and insert more bolts here and there is just not what you want to do with your time during planting season. Fortunately, there are applicators that do not require extra work and they are designed to fit almost any brand of tractor. These applicators evenly and perfectly distribute the fertilizer through hoses, spray nozzles and/or holes in drums without the mess and without extra work.

Perfectly Even Spraying Away From the Tractor

A tractor covered in the remnants of liquid fertilizer from a day in the field is not something you want to work on after you drive the tractor into the barn. You want to apply fertilizer to the field and bring an almost clean tractor into the machine shed. These particular applicators are designed to keep fertilizer far away from the tractor’s main body and put more of it on your fields. A light powerwash for the tractor may be needed later, but it’s nothing like the intense cleaning it would need with other, messier fertilizer applicators.