The Advantages Of Welded Threaded Studs

It is difficult to find a more commonly used weld stud than the all-threaded options. These are easy to identify as they offer a simple design that includes a full thread along the length of the weld stud down to the very slight part at the base where the stud will contact the metal surface.

Of course, with the drawn arc studs, there is the slight ignition tip at the base that will be used to create the molten pool for the weld. This means that the welded threaded studs will have a slightly reduced length when welded in place than their actual dimensions before welding.

For sizes smaller in diameter than 5/8ths, this will be approximately 0.12 of an inch. For diameters of 5/8th to ¾, the reduction will be about 0.19 of an inch. The manufacturer will provide this information on the specification sheet for the weld studs or verify before ordering.

Maximum Versatility for All Diameters

One of the benefits of using welded threaded studs is the versatility they offer. By using all the same diameter throughout the project, or in different components of the project the stud welder never has to change weld studs, allowing for very fast installation even on large-scale applications.

As the thread runs the entire length of the weld stud, as long as the stud is longer than the two pieces to be mated, it can be tightened down to the desired level easily and quickly without needing to change lengths.

Speed and Ease of Installation

Using drawn arc or capacitator discharge (CD) welding systems allows for extremely fast and easy installation of all lengths and diameters of welded threaded studs.

These processes take just fractions of a second to complete and, unlike resistance or other welding methods, the entire process is automated, ensuring uniform, precise and complete welds through the use of the handheld stud welding tool.

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