The Basics Of The Cheek Lift In Glenview

Because of the aging process, your cheeks may start to flatten and droop. Likewise, lower eyelids can sag, which gives a worn-out or tired experience. A cheek lift in Glenview, also known as mid-face lifts, can provide more fullness to the area, soften lines from the corner of the nose to the mouth, and raise the eyebrow, providing for a more youthful and rested appearance.

Likewise, this surgery can be performed alone or as part of a full routine with other surgical procedures.

Traditional Face Lifts

Primarily, conventional full-face lifts may not treat the upper cheeks and lower eyelids, which can elongate and compress as you age. The cheek lift in Glenview can raise the fat in the cheeks, giving you a more proportionate appearance.


Suitable candidates for the procedure include those who tend to have heaviness below the cheeks and those with a hollowness under the eyes. Likewise, you shouldn’t have medical conditions that impair healing and need to be in relatively good health. You should also have realistic expectations about the procedure to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

The Procedure

This surgery can be inpatient or outpatient and is highly personalized depending on your needs. You are put under general anesthesia so that the surgeon can make “s” cuts above each ear and around the gum line inside the mouth. Sutures are placed inside the mouth, as well. While the surgical procedure is a simple process, it can take time, depending on the surgeon and the person. While dimpling and minor problems can arise, they usually go away on their own.

A cheek lift in Glenview is a personalized procedure based on your particular needs. Visit the Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery & Medispa now to find out more.

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