The Benefits of Placing Your Child for Adoption in Oklahoma City

If you are dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, then you may be thinking “I want to place my child for adoption in Oklahoma City.” You may feel a sense of loss by placing your baby for adoption. However, there are still several reasons why you should visit Lilyfield.

Improved Quality of Life

Many mothers decide to place their child for adoption in Oklahoma City because they know that they cannot give their child the best life possible. Children who are adopted have the potential to grow up happy and healthy. The child will also be able to grow up in a stable home environment.

Save Money

Raising a child is expensive. In fact, the average cost of raising a child from birth to 18 years-old is $230,000. Not only are there fixed costs, but you also have to factor in unexpected expenses that may come up. Many women decide to place their child because they know that, sadly, they cannot afford to raise one.

Choose the Parents

Many mothers feel uneasy about placing their baby with a stranger. However, if you visit Lilyfield, then you can choose the family. You can also remain a part of the child’s life.

Keep the Baby Out of State Foster Care

It can be scary to have a baby go into state foster care. However, if you place your baby for adoption, then you can prevent them from becoming a ward of the state.

If you are thinking “I want to place my child for adoption in Oklahoma City”, then you can visit Lilyfield.