The Benefits Of Subsea Oil Field Services For Installation Management

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Business Services

After the drilling platform has been designed, the next step will be to coordinate the installation. If you have selected a quality subsea engineering company, the installation management may be included as part of the subsea oil field services they provide.

Using the same company for all of your subsea oil field services from design through to installation and maintenance of all components from the platform to the wellhead has its benefits. It provides a clear understanding of the project and also a background of working together to iron out the smallest details, ensuring the installation will be completed to suit the specific needs of the project.

Factors to Consider

Even in the best-designed plan, there can be issues that come up during installation. Having engineers on-site at the time of the installation can help to address these issues as they arise.

This not only prevents downtime while consultations occur or the engineer arrives on site, but the engineering team overseeing the installation can often anticipate problems and fine tune the installation process. This, in turn, can prevent downtime that occurs when the installation team is not sure how to proceed.

A top team will be able to develop the procedures for installation of the systems between the platform and the wellhead. They can work with other teams on the platform to coordinate the installation and also to stay within the required timeline for the installation process. They will keep operators and involved parties up to date with progress and report any possible delays or obstacles at may result in a delay in project completion.

The Right Equipment

Another advantage to using subsea oil field services that have experience with installations is their understanding of the right equipment to get the job done. This can include having specific equipment ready and to the platform at the time it is needed.

In some cases, the engineering team may be able to offer suggestions that can help in speeding up the installation process. This can only occur if the engineers have the actual real-world experience in working both with installation as well as with the required or recommended equipment options.

Working with an experienced, on-site engineering team during the installation process is an essential consideration with any project. The time and cost saving possibilities of this option are well worth considering, eliminating unforeseen issues that can easily arise when these professionals are not involved.

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