The Benefits of Using a Freight Broker Agent

Any company with the need to move products must have to deal with all the aspects of shipping. In fact, it can be one of your biggest operating expenses, and the price of freight is not likely to decrease much in the future. In fact, fuel prices can increase at any time, and there are other factors to consider. With so much to be concerned with, many companies are turning to services from a freight broker agent, and here is why.

What is a Freight Broker?
A freight broker agent has access to all kinds of shipping and trucking services and maintains a working relationship with these companies. Also, a freight broker is not a shipping company. In fact, they do not handle freight. The brokerage coordinates shipping and helps companies find the best prices and shipping methods.

Also, to helping businesses with their shipping needs, a freight broker agent also helps carriers. A good broker can find business for shippers which they would not normally find themselves. This helps shippers save money with fewer partial loads and increased business, so everyone wins.

Why Should I Use a Freight Broker Agent?
It may be far too expensive to operate your fleet of trucks. After all, there are many expenses to consider, including truck driver pay and upkeep on vehicles. On the other hand, you could do business with one major shipping company, but this can sometimes result in problems.

Some shippers may have the best rates and services for large truckloads and may be good for shipping across the country. But what if you have loads which require several stops or even LTL loads? You might have to check out other shipping services, and their rates and routes may change from time to time. In other words, it could easily be a full-time job to take care of these matters, and you may have to keep someone on the payroll to do this.

When you hire a reputable and experienced freight broker agent, this person can take care of part or all of your shipping requirements. In fact, this could be one less person on your payroll and one less employee to pay workman compensation, vacation, healthcare and other work related benefits.

Your freight broker agent works with shippers and you, to find you the lowest possible rates. In fact, the money you spend on brokerage services could easily pay for themselves, when you consider the benefits of lower operating expenses and shipping charges. Plus, you only have one company to deal with for shipping, and this can make life easier for both the small and large business. A good broker has years of experience in the shipping industry and is there with professional advice when you need it.

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