The Best Gas Fireplace Brands Offer High Eating Efficiency and Other Excellent Features

Natural gas is the top choice for the fuel source in fireplaces today. These modern fireplaces using natural gas are highly popular and have replaced many of the old wood-burning fireplaces of the past. These types of fireplaces are available in the best gas fireplace brands for consumers to enjoy any time during the year either alone or with their families.

Consumers can save a significant amount of energy by utilizing modern gas fireplaces due to their heating efficiency. Homeowners can lower the thermostat that controls their central furnace heating system and utilize individual gas fireplaces has supplemental heating sources, whether it is a single fireplace in one room more multiple fireplaces in different rooms.

Recommendations Involving Gas Fireplace Installations

A number of recommendations should be kept in mind when considering options pertaining to the best gas fireplace brands and the various units available for home installation among these brands. These include:

* If you want to implement zone heating in your home, only consider modern gas fireplaces, gas inserts, and pellet appliances

* When converting from a wood burning to a gas fireplace, fireplace inserts can be installed in many types of masonry fireplaces in various designs and styles to complement a home’s décor

* Choose an efficient modern gas fireplace as opposed to an old masonry wood-burning fireplace which can forfeit about 85 percent of the heat produced up through the chimney

Gas Fireplaces

The fireplace options chosen can often be dictated by factors such as the construction and age of the home, the regional climate, and the amount of heat required to warm a space.

Most of the gas fireplace sales are of the direct vent fireplace variety. Outside air is filtered into the fireplace unit and the combustion gases in a relatively close they are exhausted through vent to the outside. These units are able to retain and distribute within the living space about 70 percent of the heat they generate.

The best gas fireplace brands in the form of direct vent units are easier and less expensive to install than old-style wood-burning fireplaces as well as gas masonry units. Direct vent units are more flexible in their placement options.

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