The Best Time to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Figuring out when to paint your home’s exterior depends on a few factors. Each element is important to know in order to spend the most minimal time outside and have little hassle and headache while painting. It’s a big job regardless, but can be managed.

Painting Season

Late spring through early fall is considered the best time to paint the exterior of your home. Depending on where you are, rain is scarce during these months and weather poses little threat to your paint job.

Considering where you live, choose the right time for you to begin. For example, if you live in the South, humidity and rain are a daily occurrence. It would be best to start painting during the spring. Alternately, if you live more north, house painting in Chicago and other northern cities during the springtime would not be the best time since in many places it can still be cold, even snowy. Finding the most temperate time of year ensures proper drying time for the exterior paint.

Check Your Paint

In addition to checking the weather, check what temperatures your paint manufacture suggests. Usually printed on the outside of the can, there are minimum and maximum temperatures that you should use as guidelines before painting. These temperatures guarantee an appropriate curing and drying time. The paint can be applied evenly and dry without problems.

Check the Weather

Make sure you check the weather forecast for the week. Make sure the weather looks moderate and clear. At times, sudden storms and wind can pop up and make painting conditions undesirable. If you can plan for the weather, you can avoid these situations and know what parts of the house to paint throughout the painting project. Checking the weather every morning before starting can help your day run smoother.

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