Why Outsource Your Leaded Products?

If your business uses lead, you have special needs and have to take special precautions. In fact, there are many things about working with lead products that lead to hazards if not done properly. Instead of investing in lead casting supplies, you may enjoy a lot of benefits by outsourcing your needs and here are some reasons why.


Do you need lead bricks for your business? If so, you could use lead casting supplies and cast your own bricks. However, there’s no reason to do this when you can buy several types of bricks from a trusted lead-based products supplier. Here are some of the brick products they have to offer:

  • Uncoated – pure and plain
  • Flat – perfect for radiation shielding products
  • Epoxy coated bricks – if you don’t want to deal with the hazards associated with plain bricks, you can buy epoxy coated bricks. This makes your bricks safe for the environment and safe to handle.
  • Powder coated bricks – for companies needing the most protection from lead exposure, powder coating is a good option. It offers more protection than using epoxy coated bricks, and you don’t have to worry about chipping.

Building Materials

Maybe you manufacture products like gypsum wallboard. If your customers need lead-lined wallboard for healthcare facilities or laboratories, you won’t have to manufacture the materials yourself. Instead, you can use a trusted source for lead-lined wall board products, and you don’t invest in all the extra equipment, employee training, and lead casting supplies your need to manufacture lead-based products.

Machined Lead Products

Machining lead is a hazardous job, and you must take safety precautions. It’s important to protect employees and comply with EPA regulations on lead disposal and recycling. It’s easier to use an experienced company for your lead machining needs. You’ll save on equipment and need fewer employees.

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