The Car Accident Attorneys in Gulfport MS Will Fight for Your Just Compensation

A car accident can leave you feeling overwhelmed with concern for your finances, lost wages, and your family’s support all on top of trying to recover from injuries. You need a compassionate attorney experienced in obtaining compensation for auto accident victims.

It is important to hire an attorney immediately so that evidence is preserved. For example, your attorney may want to look at the vehicle that hit you. He may see signs of careless neglect such as bald tires or worn brakes. He may find alcoholic beverage containers littered around the vehicle. The condition of the vehicle will give your attorney a picture of what and who he is dealing with.

The Car Accident Attorneys in Gulfport MS will also want to talk to the investigating police officer to learn more than what is in the accident report. The attorney will interview the EMS crew to find out what they discovered about the accident and your injuries. He will also obtain the ER records to be able to assess your condition when you were brought in. He will continue to monitor your progress during hospitalization or recovery at home.

Your attorney will conduct a background investigation on the driver of the vehicle that hit you to find out if he has a bad driving record or a record of accidents. This information could be very helpful. If the driver has a record of careless driving or DUIs, then this will establish his tendency toward driving in a manner that makes him accident prone.

All of this information including your prognosis for a full recovery will be put together in a settlement proposal for the driver’s insurance company to review. The Car Accident Attorneys in Gulfport MS are aggressive fighters for your just compensation. This includes:

1. Expenses for medical and rehabilitation service
2. Earnings loss
3. Pain and suffering
4. Death
5. Expenses for temporary or alternate transportation

The insurance company or other responsible party may reject the proposed settlement. Your attorney can try mediation, but it is likely he will proceed to trial. He has tried many auto accident cases, and he will be a fighter for your rights in a court room. Click here to read more information.

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