What to Expect From Weight Loss Centers in New Haven

by | Jul 24, 2014 | Health

In addition to impacting your appearance, being overweight can be dangerous to your health and affect your quality of life. However, losing weight too fast or yo-yo dieting can be dangerous. This is where one of the Weight Loss Centers in New Haven and its surrounding areas can offer a solution. Although this might seem intimidating, knowing what you can expect might make it easier to take that first step.

Medical Supervision

To safely lose weight, medical supervision is essential. Connecticut weight loss centers often employ various professionals to ensure that the clients remain in optimal health while losing weight. Don’t be afraid to inquire about the staff’s qualifications; make sure you’re in good hands. The staff might include various board-certified doctors, nutritionists and certified personal trainers.

Medical Evaluation

Before starting you on a weight-loss plan, the New Haven weight-loss center’s doctor will go over your medical history. Your blood pressure will be checked, you might have an EKG done, and you’ll undergo a full body-composition analysis. Your health will be monitored periodically as you lose weight, to ensure all stats are where they should be.

Personalized Weight-Loss Plan

Because each person is different, and some people might need to lose more weight than others, you’ll find that medically-supervised Weight Loss Centers in New Haven, Connecticut emphasize personalized weight-loss plans. You’ll sit down with a nutritionist who will ask about your eating habits to determine how you got in the predicament that you’re in. The nutritionist will work with you to help you change bad habits and to encourage good habit.

Weight-Loss Tools

There are various weight-loss tools that weight loss centers in New Haven can use. Most likely, you’ll get a personalized diet plan that might include various breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack suggestions. Some facilities carry various weight-loss protein bars, shakes, cookies and more. The professionals might also recommend taking vitamins or FDA-approved appetite suppressants, or participating in group- or private-exercise programs offered at the center. Some centers offer Medical Weight Loss Solutions, such as fat-burning injections that might make it easier to get rid of excess fat and lose weight.

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