Some people prefer vanilla or chocolate ice cream. These are the basic flavors. They are the standard choice among many Americans. The same applies to vehicles, including Audis. Some always opt for the standard model; others pass it by for the higher-end Audi RS for sale in Philadelphia.

What Is Attractive about an Audi RS?

For sale across American dealerships, the RS version is available for most Audi vehicles. It is the top trim of any Audi. When you purchase an RS Audi in Philadelphia, you can expect the following:

• The highest quality in all aspects
• The most advanced technology
• Driver-oriented characteristics
• Power

The attractions of any RS version are not directed at potential passengers. This is a car with a focus on the driver. As a result, it has been engineered to cater to satisfying these desires by providing:

• Power through formidable engines
• Cat-like agility
• Maneuverability
• Sportiness

From the innovative infotainment system to the tires, any Audi RS model does not compromise on any aspect. It is comfort and performance from top to bottom.


Any Audi RS for sale has one purpose. It exists to satisfy the segment of the driving population that craves a high-performance vehicle. The two letters R and S signify in the vernacular a Rally Sports car. Whether it is the top trim of the practical wagon – the Audi RS Avant, or the super-charged Audi RS 7, Audi RS vehicles more than deliver the power, the speed, the agility and the handleability drivers in Philadelphia have come to expect.