The Iconic Land Rover Defender: Still Going Strong

Arguably, the most iconic vehicle made by Land Rover was the Defender 110. It began its history as the Land Rover 110 in 1983. This indicated the length of the wheelbase – 110 inches. Two other early Defenders quickly joined it. They were also named according to their wheelbases. These were the Land Rover 90 and Land Rover 127. It was not until 1990 this vehicle was named the Land Rover Defender.

The Land Rover Defender: Then and Now

The Defender was a vehicle that sought to continue, the heritage of the Land Rover. Its style and general toughness were a constant. Only in 2020, under the ownership of Jaguar, was a new generation launched with more modern and even luxurious features and basics. These included integrated bodywork and all-around independent suspension. This was Defender 130.

In 2023, although the Defender continues to be a durable off-road vehicle, it has been outfitted with a wide range of modern technology. It can now function more than adequately in urban settings as well as still excel off-road. Over the years, more powerful engines have been added as have safety features.

Buying the Iconic Land Rover Defender

If you want to purchase a Land Rover Defender in Maple Shade NJ, consider the 2022 or 2023 models. Series I to III of this vehicle are hotly sought after by collectors. This pushes the price up higher than a newer model. If you want used, consider the early 21st century offerings but avoid the special editions as they often cost more.