The Design Matters: Key Factors In Custom Packaging Design

In the desire to produce the perfect custom packaging design for a product, professionals are increasingly remarking on the close relationship between it and brand perception. The links between the design, brand perception and brand recognition are interrelated. This clearly indicates that the designers must pay close attention to what the production company intends to achieve when working on the design. The focus could be on protection or promotion. However, the one does not necessarily exclude the other when it comes time to create an outstanding package design.

Purposeful Design

Creating the ideal package design requires creative, innovative and skilled individuals. The designer must know the requirements and specifications of both the product producer and the product itself. The purpose of the design must always be at the forefront if the idea is to reach effective and successful fruition. A designer must know whether the product is to act as a promotional item at a trade fair or to be a prototype.

Factors Influencing the Custom Design Process

Yet, no matter what the intended purpose, certain factors do come into play when perfecting the custom packaging design. Among them, these particular elements are prominent:

* Visual Aspects: No matter what the purpose, a designer always must look at the visual attractiveness of a design. He/she must take into consideration color, shape, and size – all factors affecting the visibility and perception of a product.

* Specifications: In order to make sure the design satisfies regulated standards, a designer has to know such things as legal requirements, agency specifications and other safety and protection concerns

* Customer Requirements: What can a designer do to attract and retain the attention of potential consumers?

* Functionality: The product design must meet the functional requirements of the product

By understanding the complex needs, requirements, and specifications of all parties, a designer can deliver a custom packaging design capable of meeting all essential requirements – both artistic and functional.

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