The Differences In DNA Test Kits From MyHeritage And AncestryDNA

When it comes to the major companies in the DNA testing market, MyHeritage and AncestryDNA have very similar business models. Both started out as supporting people in developing their family trees. From these beginnings, both companies make the logical move into providing DNA testing and reporting for the public.

The Numbers

A significant difference between the two companies is the number of DNA test kits sold by each. AncestryDNA has sold over 14 million kits, which MyHeritage has sold and tested over 2.5 million DNA test kits.

This is important as each company in this market has its own database to compare new samples. The larger the company’s database, the more accurate and precise the information on both ethnicity estimates as well as being able to match family members in the database.

For any interested in more specifics about their family origin, having the granular information offered through the AncestryDNA test kits is relevant. For example, both will provide information of a general geographic area, such as South America, the AncestryDNA results can pinpoint the exact country and perhaps even town.

Database Location

Users who want to create a family tree to look for family members should also consider the makeup of the specific databases. AncestryDNA is more North American based, while MyHeritage uses data from more European subjects and from areas around the world.

Pricing is also different for the two companies. They offer different options and packages, including health testing, which is reflected in the prices of the DNA test kits.

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