Why the Professional You Choose For Dentistry in Chicago Should Be Offering Invisalign as a Premier Alternative to Wire Braces

Whether you realize it or not, having crooked teeth is a serious issue that can lead to more severe dental problems down the road. Consequently, those who don’t have straight teeth need access to good dentistry in Chicago that can offer them viable solutions to their problems. If a crooked smile is your biggest dental problem, here’s why you should be visiting a dentist who offers Invisalign as an alternative to traditional braces:

Avoiding the Hassle

Wire braces are quite a hassle to work with. First, they sometimes require a lifestyle shift. If you like to eat foods like popcorn, nuts, and candy, you should know that these types of foods often have the potential to get stuck in your braces. For that reason, you may have to avoid eating them while you have wire braces so that you can ensure that no damage occurs. Furthermore, those who choose traditional braces often find that they spend a significant amount of time brushing and flossing their teeth because of all of the new crevices they have to worry about. Invisalign in Chicago helps patients avoid both of these problems since the aligners can simply be removed during eating and brushing and snapped back on once you’re done.

Avoiding the Pain

One of the biggest complaints that people have about traditional wire braces is that they usually turn out to be uncomfortable to wear, especially in the beginning as your mouth is trying to adjust to the feeling. Having the soft tissue of your tongue and cheeks constantly scraping against the wires and brackets can be more than just annoying – it can cause painful scratches as well. This is where Invisalign can help. Each set of invisible aligners is a custom fit for the patient so that it fits securely against the teeth. Patients won’t have to worry about injury or discomfort since the plastic material is smooth to the touch.

Good Dentistry in Chicago is about allowing your dentist to present solutions to your problems that will work best for you. While traditional wire braces may be the best solution for some, Invisalign can help ease the pain, eliminate the hassle, and erase the embarrassment that can come along with having them on your teeth. If crooked teeth have become a problem for you, get in contact with a qualified dentist such as Art of Modern Dentistry today to find out how invisible aligners can lead you to better oral health.

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