The Different Types of Commercial Roofing in Charleston SC

Whether you are looking for a roof for a new commercial building, or want to update an existing roof, it is important that you make the right choice. Your choice of Roofing in Charleston SC has the potential to impact your profitability and the aesthetics of your commercial building among other things. It is therefore important that you make the right choice and consider the options that are open to you. Most of all, talk to an expert to be able to get a good idea of the types of roofs that would best suit your building.

Built-up roofing (also known as BUR) is just one of the options that are available for commercial roofing. These roofs are made by alternate layers of bitumen and reinforced fabric to create the complete roof membranes. Bitumen consists of cold-applied adhesive or tar and asphalt. The roofing membranes will be laid out across the buildings’ top, and fastened to decks on the roof to create the desired effect. Fiber-glass cap sheets, aluminum coatings, aggregate mixtures and elastomeric coatings can be used for the surface layering in this case.

Another option for Commercial Roofing in Charleston SC is metal roofing. This is actually a very popular choice in the commercial roofing industry. There are different types of metals used in this case including lead, tin, aluminum, stone-coated steel, stainless steel, metal tile sheets, zinc and copper among others. Special surfacing layers may be applied to materials such as steel or others that are prone to corrosion to protect them from damage resulting from exposure the elements. These surface layers may also be applied to help with reflecting the sun’s energy, making the roof rustproof or for general waterproofing.

Finally, single-ply roofing is a good option for Commercial Roofing in Charleston SC. These come pre-made from the factory. There are two distinctive types in this case. There are the thermoset membranes which include rubber roofs and EPDM membranes. The other type is the thermoplastic membrane which includes TPO and PVC membranes. There are many more options available so it is worth exploring further to find out what might work best for your specific applications. It is also important to note that commercial roofing is very different from Residential Roofing so you will still need to confer with an expert to ensure that you are making the right decisions. Visit Powell Roofing LLC for more details on roofing.