The History of the Philadelphia Sushi Roll in Gulfport, MS

As a society, when we love something, we tend to put everything we have into it. For example, we love fashion so we have large-scale events dedicated to the showing of original pieces; we love food so we have created a career for people who treat cooking as an art. Those chefs who do treat cooking as an art will often come up with new, original dishes that take the world by storm in popularity. This has especially been the case with sushi restaurants creating signature rolls, some of which have become signature dishes that everybody knows and loves.

What Is the Philadelphia Roll?

The Philadelphia sushi roll is a type of rolled sushi, also known as makizushi, that originated in Philadelphia and has since become a staple dish in Japanese restaurants everywhere. The original recipe for a Philadelphia sushi roll includes smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber although it may also be added to with other ingredients such as sesame seeds, avocado, scallions, or other types of fish. If you’re ordering a Philadelphia sushi roll in Gulfport, MS, you’ll be getting a fresh roll with a clean taste, thanks to the cream cheese and cucumber.

Origin of the Philly Roll

The Philadelphia roll was created by Madame Saito, a Japanese chef who has been serving sushi to Philadelphians for over thirty years since 1981. His restaurants were so popular that, in 1983, the mayor of Philadelphia, Mayor William J. Green III, requested that she create an original sushi roll to represent the city of Philadelphia. Because a large majority of her customers at the time were Jewish, she worked with the idea of lox and bagels, creating a sushi roll with salmon and Philadelphia’s own cream cheese. If you’d like to try this popular roll for yourself, visit for more information about a quality Japanese restaurant near you.

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