3 Reasons a Fee Only Financial Planner in Attleboro MA Is a Better Choice

Most experts agree that a fee only financial planner in Attleboro MA is the better choice. A fee only financial planner is in the unique position of not being “tempted” by commission-based sales or products when making recommendations.

The Three Reasons
There are three reasons that choosing the fee only based financial planner is the better option:
1. It removes conflict of interest
2. It builds trust
3. Its an easier way to do business

The fact is it can be difficult for anyone to make choices when there is money at stake. Money can be a very powerful persuader, fee only helps to keep that conflict at bay!

It’s Human Nature
Even the best intentions can become a bit convoluted when there is money involved. Even if a financial planner whole-heartedly believes in a product they can become “blind” to other options if there is a commission at stake. It takes a very high degree of self-discipline to ignore a commission based structure and move in the client’s best interest. Fee only structures removes the temptation since there is no commission or benefit from making the sale.

The Trust
When you are doing business with someone and you know that they are not getting any other gratuity than what you are paying them, it can help you to have more confidence in their ability to focus on your needs. With a fee only structure, you are in charge and not in competition with the highest bidder.

It is Easier
Once you remove the potential conflict of interest and can relax knowing that you are in charge of the situation, it is easier to really listen and get what you need out of the planning. Constant Guidance Financial is your source for wealth management and financial planning.

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