The Importance of Dog Training in Lafayette

The proper dog training in Lafayette area can prepare your puppy for a lifetime of well-adjusted happiness. Most people believe that puppy training is really for the humans but the reality is it is for all the species involved. Puppies like children need direction to be well rounded and feel secure.  Of course the right training also makes life a lot easier of the humans involved with the puppy but the primary purpose is to help teach a puppy what the expectations are.  Dogs like to know where they belong and what is expected of them.

A Puppy Craves Direction
For your puppy to be happy they need direction. Dogs are pack animals that look to the leader to know what they have to do. They want direction.

It is easiest to compare the importance of the proper puppy training to the training that a small child needs. Just like a child is not sure what is expected of them until you set the rules, it works the same for a puppy. Just like children thrive under the guidance of a loving family so will a puppy. The right training sets out:
*Clear expectations
*The right rewards for meeting the expectations
*Redirection for unwanted behaviors

Just like a small child comes into the world not really show what they are supposed to do and will test the waters to see what behavior is acceptable and what is not.  The right training program will incorporate rewards for meeting expectations. The right training will help the humans learn how to provide direction for unwanted behaviors. It is a family affair that will help your puppy to become a valued member of the family.

Safety Implications
The importance of puppy training when it comes to the safety of your puppy is a huge consideration. Puppies like small children get side tracked easily and can wind up in dangerous situations. Training can help them to understand that coming when they are called is imperative.  It can also help them to understand what is off limits to help keep them safe.  A well trained puppy is far less likely to “get into things” that can harm them.

Raising a puppy is not an easy job but it is one that is rewarded over and over again. Making the job a little easier really comes down to the right puppy training.

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