The Importance of Proper Design For New and Existing Building Cold Storage

For owners of a cold food grocery supply company or a food or beverage processing facility, cold storage design and construction plays an essential role in their day to day operations. From prepared foods to refrigerated products, the need for high-quality refrigerated rooms becomes the lifeline of the business.

Custom Designed Cold Storage California

One of the biggest concerns for cold storage users is having the ability for custom made cold storage construction that accommodates the business need. This can be true for both companies that lease their buildings as well as for those who own their buildings.

Looking at The Basics

Because cold storage can encompass large areas within a building, ensuring that the build-out accommodates the structural needs of the building as well as a design that works for production and storage becomes essential.

When it comes to the new construction of a cold storage facility, the design and layout become much more manageable. New construction can be built with special insulated concrete as well as insulated metal panels right from the beginning.

In contrast, when converting a dry warehouse, the first piece is creating a design that accommodates both cold storage space and regular office space. The finished cold storage space is readily accomplished through the use of insulated metal panels for walls and cold storage doors for sealing in the storage areas.

If you are looking for the best cold storage construction and cold storage doors for cold storage areas, Hansen Cold Storage Construction services have been designing and constructing cold storage for over 30 years.