Top 4 Things You Can Expect During Rotating Equipment Repair

Your machinery might need to undergo rotating equipment repair as part of your maintenance plan. It’s definitely a good idea to have your machinery maintained. However, if it’s not working properly, it could also need equipment repair to get it up and running properly again. Generally, there are four things that you can expect to happen during rotating equipment repair.

1. Outage

You’ll typically experience some sort of downtime when your machine is undergoing equipment repair of any sort. It is important to understand when and how long the outages will be, though, so that you can plan accordingly. Most companies performing the repairs will be able to let you know approximately how long each repair type will take.

2. Visual Inspections

The company you work with should also be trained to know what to look for. They’ll usually conduct visual inspections to identify defects and let you know just what’s wrong with your machinery. Then, they can provide you with their suggested fix. You can even use the data that they gain from their inspection to help you track operation trends over time.

3. Logistical Testing

You can also expect the company to test various logistical aspects of the repair process. This allows them to distribute all necessary components quickly, safely and accurately.

4. Specialty Tests

Specialty tests also allow the company to gather specific data that technicians need to complete the repair. Some test might take into account the machine’s hours of operate and its age, and others might also take into account how the machinery is usually used.